5 tips for finding the best mobile mechanic Brisbane

Finding the best mobile mechanic in Brisbane can be the difference between spending too much money on your car and being able to keep it safely on the road for many more years. Some people still take their car to an auto shop, which is quite amazing when you realise how much easier it is to have a really good mechanic arrive at your front door or place of work in Brisbane.

So if you are considering your options between an auto shop and a mobile mechanic for your next service or repairs, here are our top tips for finding the best mobile mechanic in Brisbane.

  1. Ask around your network: Your family, friends and work colleagues have most probably already used a mobile mechanic for their own vehicles, so asking around your network might give you a few names to add to your list.
  2. Do an online search: Forget the Yellow pages, simply go online and search for best mobile mechanic in Brisbane! Always check out their websites, because this can give you a real indication of the quality of their work and how they relate to their customers. A website that is easy to read and has all of the information you need, most likely means that they are a pretty good mechanic as well.
  3. Read their testimonials: Obviously, no-one is going to publish bad reviews, but if the mechanic has lots of really good testimonials on their website, this should increase your confidence in their ability.
  4. Search social media: Look for any online reviews for the mobile mechanic on social media sites, both good and bad, as this will give you a much clearer idea of customer opinions of their work.
  5. Give them a try: If you have found a mobile mechanic in Brisbane who ticks all of your boxes, give them a go with a minor service first. If they perform well and go out of their way to explain everything to you and answering all of your questions, you might decide that you have indeed found the best mobile mechanic in Brisbane.

So why not book a mobile service with Premium Mechanical Services today?