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Ford accused of breaching Australian Consumer Law and fined $10M

If you are ready to buy a new or used Ford car, it might be advisable to ask your mobile mechanic in Brisbane to perform a pre-purchase check, just to be on the safe side. This is because the ACCC found that Ford refused to refund customers or replace faulty vehicles, even when multiple repairs […]

ACCC takes Volkswagen to court over emissions scandal

Have you booked your Volkswagen in for a car service with Premium Mechanical Services yet?  We have years of experience servicing Volkswagen vehicles, so you can be sure of a quality service with us! It’s not long ago that the ACCC took Volkswagen to court over the diesel emissions scandal – do you remember that […]

Perform your own DIY services with these 7 essential tools

Some people prefer to perform their own services, rather than suffer the inconvenience of booking into an auto shop in Brisbane. Mobile car servicing, however, is the logical solution if you don’t want to worry about getting to and from a service centre, but if you still want to do your own minor services, then […]

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