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How do Volkswagen pick the names for their different cars?

Premium Mechanical Services is the leading mobile mechanic in Brisbane, servicing and repairing many different brands of vehicles, including Volkswagen cars. One thing we have always been interested in is the different names that manufacturers come up with for their cars and we have always wondered what’s behind their choices. So let’s take a look […]

Interesting and fun cars facts from your mobile mechanic in Brisbane

As a leading mobile mechanic in Brisbane, we are always ready for a few interesting facts about cars, vehicles and the transport industry in general. So here are a collection of interesting and fun facts that we thought we might share with everyone. Did you know that the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened in 1932 and […]

How to identify problems with your exhaust system

Problems with your exhaust system can get very bad, very quickly, so you need to keep an eye open for the early warning signs. If you spot any of the following problems with your exhaust, you need to contact a good mechanic in Brisbane pretty fast, otherwise the issue can escalate and cost you a […]

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