How does a good mechanic in Brisbane cope with high tech cars?

Any good mechanic in Brisbane should be completely up to date with all new model cars, but as technology continues to advance, some mechanics may be left behind. You might not be aware of the fact that many new model cars are just about totally controlled electronically. So mechanics now need to understand how to identify these complex faults and repair cars with full electronic systems.

For example, twenty years ago, a good mechanic used to check for problems with the oxygen sensor using sensor waveforms on a scope. These were superseded by Onboard Diagnostics II just over ten years ago, so mechanics then needed to use specialist scanning tools and learn how to use them as well. Increased technology however, doesn’t always equate with fail-proof systems, because there have been diagnostic problems with the OBDII system.

How do good mechanics in Brisbane keep themselves up to date?

The best that we can do is to spend hours and hours researching these new electronic systems, so we are aware of any problems that may occur. There’s even a new topic for mechanics, often called ‘engine management electronics’, designed to deal with all of these complicated diagnostics.

Even with the availability of new training, mechanics may still have to search the internet to find out how all of these new electronic systems work together. When you have multiple faults showing at the same time, it can be difficult to understand how each fault affects other related systems (due to their complexity), so a good mechanic in Brisbane can spend many hours of unpaid work online, searching for answers.  

Quite often we will be called by a client because a light is flashing on a dashboard, only to find that the scanning tool indicates multiple causes for this problem. Trying to work our way through every potential cause of this problem can be costly for a client, and this actually happened to us not too long ago.

Instead of going ahead and working our way through each potential cause, we looked up the technical service bulletins online only to find that it was likely to be a false code! We reprogrammed the computer and everything was fine. 

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