Interesting and fun cars facts from your mobile mechanic in Brisbane

As a leading mobile mechanic in Brisbane, we are always ready for a few interesting facts about cars, vehicles and the transport industry in general. So here are a collection of interesting and fun facts that we thought we might share with everyone.

  1. Did you know that the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened in 1932 and that horses had to pay half the price of cars to cross the bridge?
  2. Currently, there are many cars on the road in Australia as there are adults (around 14 million), so just about everyone owns a car!
  3. The Australian lyrebird is well known as a mimic, copying the calls of more than 20 other birds. It can also totally mimic the sound of a car alarm as well!
  4. With one car for every adult in Australia and every adult driving an average 14,000km per year (a total of 182 billion km per year), everyone could stay at home and let one intrepid Aussie drive all the way to Pluto and back twenty four times! With each round trip lasting 7.5 billion km, don’t call us if you need a mobile mechanic!
  5. The longest straight road in Australia is referred to as the 90 Mile Straight running for 145.6km along the Eyre Highway, connecting Western Australia and South Australia via the Nullarbor Plain.
  6. The Aussie Ute was developed in 1934 when a farmer wrote to Ford asking for a vehicle he could go to church in on Sunday and take the pigs to market on Monday. Otherwise known as the Utility truck, everyone loves their Utes!
  7. Seat belts weren’t compulsory in Australia until 1970 when Victoria introduced the first laws requiring everyone to wear seatbelts.
  8. The first car radio was fitted in 1924 in New South Wales by Kelly’s Motors, however the first mass produced car radio was produced in 1930 by Galvin manufacturing. They called it the Motorola and later went on to call their company by the same name.
  9. Every one of us will spend an average 2 weeks (that’s 14 whole days!) sat at the traffic lights and it’s only getting longer as we speak!
  10. The Toyota Corolla is the best selling car of all time and Aussies love their Corollas!

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