What should you expect from a mobile car service in Brisbane?

Arranging car servicing in Brisbane can be a stressful process. This is because we are always so busy with our day to day lives that it’s difficult to set aside the time for servicing a car. But this where a mobile car service in Brisbane really helps, because you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to drop off and pick up your car.

With our mobile car service in Brisbane, we come to your home or business and service your car, so your life carries on as normal and at the end of the day your car is ready and waiting for you with the service completed. Car servicing in Brisbane has never been so easy, but many people are not sure about what is involved in a service and whether they need a minor or a major service.

With our Brisbane mobile car service, if you don’t know which type of service is really needed right now for your car, here is what we do when we arrive at your home or workplace:

  • Test drive: We take your car for a drive and if anything crops up, we will diagnose the problem and chat to you about how best to fix it for you.
  • What type of service? Next, we decide whether your vehicle needs a minor or a major service (unless you have already decided which you want).
  • Check levels: We check and top up all of your fluids, for example your wiper wash, transmission oil, battery acid (if applicable) and power steering oil.
  • Change engine oil: We change your oil and your oil filter.
  • Full safety check: We make sure that your car is safe and perform a complete safety check from top to bottom.
  • Check your brakes: We make sure that your brakes are performing correctly and that your pads and shoes are in good condition.

Our car servicing in Brisbane also includes an OBD 2 diagnostic check, resetting your computer, filling in your logbook, and letting you know if there are any problems that still need to be addressed.

Premium Mechanical Services is your local independent mechanic. We work to the highest standards and have many long term customers, so contact us today for a mobile car service in Brisbane and your busy life can carry on as normal.