What’s involved in mobile brake repairs in Brisbane?

Good brakes are essential for safe driving, and one of the easiest ways to make sure that your brakes are in top condition is to call in our mobile brake mechanic in Brisbane. With our mobile service, you don’t have to worry about making time to deliver and pick up your vehicle on a work day, because we can come to your home or your business to perform the repairs or service.

When it comes to the best approach for brake repairs in Brisbane, first we start with an inspection of your brakes, identifying the problems that need to be fixed. For this inspection we check the ABS system for faults, then we drive the car to check how the brake pedal feels, how quickly your brakes respond and whether the hand brake holds. When carrying out your mobile brake repairs in Brisbane, we also check your brake fluid and the thickness of your brake pads, as well as the state of the rotors.

Depending on what we find in the initial inspection, we may perform one or more of the following:

  1. Replace brake pads: Once we’ve inspected your brake pads, we can inform you of what’s required and your options for repairs. We are fully equipped to service all types of brake pads on all makes and models.
  2. Check rotors: Occasionally, brake pads will have worn down so much that your rotors need to be replaced as well. This is a bigger job than just replacing the brake pads, but we are set up to perform all types of brake repairs in Brisbane, so if your rotors do need to be replaced, we can do that for you as well.
  3. Hand brake cables: Sometimes we need to replace your hand brake cable and this is usually because it has become too corroded to work properly. This can be a problem on older vehicles and can easily be handled by our mobile brake mechanic. In Brisbane and other major surrounding areas, we can easily source and replace this cable very quickly.
  4. Replacing brake fluid: Brake fluid is normally replaced and flushed every two years or as stated by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Changing brake fluid during repairs is always most economical and helps keep your brakes in top condition, so we pay particular attention to this task.

If you are looking for mobile brake repairs in Brisbane, don’t forget to call us on 07 3324 8997 for a free quote and a friendly service.