5 reasons why you should have your car serviced

Most of us these days have busy lives and many find the cost, inconvenience or the simple reason their car is running fine a good reason to skip a service. We all rely heavily on our vehicles to get from A to B and I regularly see vehicles that have gone thousands if not tens of thousands of kilometres over the manufactures recommended service schedule.

Here are 5 reasons why you should maintain your vehicle.

  1. Caring for your car saves you money: Regular servicing decreases the potential of breakdowns and expensive repairs. You should service your car as often as outlined in the owners’s manual. By following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule and spending a little money now on the basics will save you from costly repairs.  (For older vehicle you need to have an oil and filter change every 6 months or 10 000 kms, whichever comes first). Seemingly minor problems left unattended can lead to costly and untimely repairs. Timing belt replacement (if applicable), is a critical maintenance requirement that must not be overlooked.   Timing belt failure will cause serious internal engine damage.
  2. Greater fuel economy. A correctly maintained vehicle will be more efficient, saving you money at the pump.
  3. Extend and improve the life of your vehicle – Regular maintenance increase resale value and keeps your new vehicle warranty safe. Quality car maintenance, repairs and cleaning are all important for maximising the resale of your vehicle.
  4. Peace of mind that your car is safe and roadworthy. I often see vehicles with potentially dangerous faults that the owner is completely unaware of. For example faulty brake lights, due to a blown fuse or bulbs.  These types of problems can expose you to being at fault in a traffic accident and putting everyones safety at risk.
  5. Wear and Tear Oil breaks down not only through use but also over time and after 6-12 months oil no longer provides optimum protection for your motor the same goes for filters and other fluids. Other factors affecting your vehicle’s needs include how many cold-starts, short distance driving, peak traffic and dust it is exposed to.

So if your vehicle is due for a service (or a little overdue), call us for a chat at Premium Mechanical Services on 0422 156 277 or request a free quote online.