Car maintenance checklist for a holiday road trip

The best way to prepare your car for a long road trip is to call us at Premium Mechanical Services to book your mobile car service in Brisbane. This way, we can come to your home and do a complete check of your vehicle and a service, making sure that everything is in good working order for your next holiday road trip.

Lots of car owners, however, forget to organise regular services, resulting in small problems becoming big, costly problems later down the track. An easy solution is to work out a schedule with us for a regular mobile car service in Brisbane. However, if you want to check your car over yourself – here is a 5-point checklist.

  1. Engine Oil: Make sure you have enough oil in the engine and if it is due for a change, then make sure it is done before you leave on your trip. If you are pulling a caravan, you might need to change your oil to a different type, but we can do that for you during your mobile car service in Brisbane.
  2. Transmission fluids: Lots of people forget that they also have transmission fluid that needs to be checked and if this is forgotten for too long (or it’s leaking), then your gears can come to a screeching halt.
  3. Hoses: Hoses don’t cost very much at all to replace, but if you are in the middle of nowhere, then they are priceless, particularly if you have just blown one and you don’t have a spare. Check all of your hoses for wear and tear or we can do that during your mobile car service in Brisbane.
  4. Coolant: Make sure that your coolant is not running low and have some in your car, just in case you need to top up on the road.
  5. Brakes: Check your brakes, brake pads and brake shoes and make sure that they are all good to go before your trip. If you don’t know how to do that, we can check them for you and replace them if necessary.

Don’t forget to check the tyre pressures and your battery as well and call us on 0422 156 277 for a mobile car service in Brisbane.