How much time will you save using a mobile mechanic in East Brisbane?

When you need to book into a mechanic in East Brisbane, one of the first problems is finding the time to do it. Everyone is busy with their work and family and there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to spend hanging around an auto shop waiting for your car to be ready.

This is why a mobile mechanic in East Brisbane is such a great option, because we come to your home, business or place of work and do the repairs or service while you are busy with your life. There are no interruptions when you use a mobile mechanic, making this a much better option than booking into an auto mechanic in East Brisbane.

How much time can you actually save with a mobile mechanic in East Brisbane?

First of all, you have to drive to the auto shop on your way to work, talk to the mechanic and make sure they know what needs to be done and check on the time your car will be ready for you to swing by and pick it up.

This is all so much easier when you book a mobile mechanic in East Brisbane, because when you book into an auto shop, you have to either hop on a bus, grab a taxi or use a courtesy car to actually get to work, hopefully on time. At the end of the day you have to do it all over again and all of this time adds up over the course of a year, even over ten years.

In fact, if we agree that on average it takes an extra 2 hours to drop off and pick up your car for each service (which is quite reasonable when you think about it), with 3 services each year (e.g. for couples or small families), then over a ten year period you spend approximately 60 hours simply driving back and forwards to your mechanic in East Brisbane.

I’m sure you can agree that it makes much more sense to book a mobile mechanic in East Brisbane, than to waste 60 hours of your time driving to and fro from an auto shop. Call Premium Mechanical Services on 0422 156 277 today for a free quote.