How to avoid dodgy car repairs and find a good mechanic in Brisbane

A good mechanic in Brisbane is like hen’s teeth, so when you find one you want to hang onto him or her! The problem is that there are a lot of dodgy mechanics out there, who try to increase their profits by ripping you off. If you don’t know much about cars and mechanical problems, then finding the best mobile mechanic in Brisbane can be a nightmare. So what can you do?

Well, instead of giving you tips on finding a good mechanic in Brisbane, I am going to show you two ways a dodgy mechanic can easily rip you off, if you are not on the ball. This will make it so much easier to spot the good from the bad when you are looking for the best mobile mechanic in Brisbane.

Not fixing problems

This might seem weird at first, but how many times have you been to a mechanic who fixed something, but it didn’t actually fix the problem? So you had to go back and have something else repaired, which actually fixed the problem. This scenario could be completely genuine, because sometimes there are a few different causes for one problem, but a good mechanic in Brisbane should have a pretty good idea of the cause and not give you the run-around.

Charging you for unnecessary repairs

This is the age old way to bump up your bill, by simply telling you that something else needs to be fixed as well. A good mechanic in Brisbane will be able to show you exactly what needs to be repaired or replaced and explain why it needs to be done. Also, make sure that if a part is replaced, that they show you the old part, as this gives you some confidence that they actually did replace old with new. Another tip here is to ask whether it needs to be repaired or replaced today or can it wait a few months? Then query their answer to be sure that the work really needs to be performed today.

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