Five tips to increase the life of your car

As we all know, prevention is always the best way to cut down on repair bills and if you do notice anything unusual happening with your car, you can always book a diagnostic with a mobile vehicle inspection in Brisbane to track down the problem.

As well as making use of a mobile vehicle inspection in Brisbane and maintaining regular car servicing in Brisbane, here are five more tips for extending the life of your car:

1. Change your filters: This is a job you can do yourself or it can be included in your regular car servicing in Brisbane. Make sure that you change the air filter and the fuel filter as this will help to maintain fuel efficiency and performance.
2. Check your tyre pressures: Under inflated tyres are one of the main causes of poor fuel efficiency, so keeping your tyres inflated at the correct pressure helps to not only maintain your car, but also to save money on fuel.
3. Practice safe driving: This is not only for the obvious reasons of keeping everyone safe, but also because fast accelerations, rapid stopping and riding the brake can all cause undue wear on your engine.
4. Pay attention to potential problems: Problems that are ignored may become much bigger issues if you don’t attend to them. The best strategy is to call in a mobile vehicle inspection in Brisbane to track down and fix the problem before it escalates into something much bigger.
5. Protect your car: Garaging your car or keeping it under cover as much as possible will extend the life of its paint, delay the onset of rust, keep it free of bird and bat droppings and generally help to increase the life of your car.

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