As a mobile mechanic in East Brisbane, one of the frequent problems we come across is that people forget to change their air filters. This is an issue that can be easily prevented by ensuring regular services by your mechanic in East Brisbane.

The easiest way to overcome this problem is to ask your mobile mechanic in East Brisbane how often your air filter needs to be changed. This is because as dust, dirt and debris starts to clog your engine, its efficiency and performance can be compromised.

Reduced fuel efficiency: Your mechanic in East Brisbane will tell you that a clogged air filter seriously reduces the efficiency of your car, regardless of whether it has fuel-injection or not. The performance of your car relies on a clean flow of air through the engine to burn fuel and a clogged air filter means that more fuel is burned to produce the same acceleration.
Driving issues: An incorrect air and fuel mix can lead to problems with your spark plugs and your ignition, as well as increased emissions. This can lead to your engine ‘missing’ or sounding rough when idling, leading to more issues than you first anticipated. Your mobile mechanic in East Brisbane should be able to diagnose the root cause of your problems and replace the air filter ASAP.
Reduced engine life: If ignored for too long, a clogged engine can lead to problems with the pistons and cylinders, eventually reducing the life of your vehicle. Regular checking and replacement of your air filter will help to extend the life of your car.
Check engine light: If you really ignore changing your air filter, eventually the ‘check engine’ light will come on because your engine needs serious help. At this point, if you continue to ignore the problem and don’t call in a mobile mechanic in East Brisbane, your engine won’t last much longer.
Repairs cost money: Replacing your air filter costs you less than a meal at McDonalds, on the other hand replacing an engine can cost more than the value of your car.

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