Dean’s top tips to buying a used car

When we purchase a second hand car, it’s usually because it fits best with our budget, but how do you avoid buying a lemon? Well, a pre purchase inspection in Brisbane is a vital part of selecting a second hand car, but there are other checks that you can make yourself to ensure that the vehicle is worth the money.

  1. Do a REVs check: Go to Revs Check Qld and enter the VIN of the vehicle you are thinking of purchasing. This will let you know if there is any outstanding finance on the vehicle, if it has been written-off, stolen or has been damaged by flooding. You will also find out its current valuation and if the odometer has been rolled back. All of this information is an essential part of an effective used car inspection.
  1. Check service history: If the vehicle is still under warranty, ask to see the log book so you can check that all of the services have been completed on time. If the vehicle is not under warranty and there is no logbook, then ask to see the receipts for the services and any repairs that have been done on the vehicle.
  1. Do your research: Check on for similar vehicles, matching the year, make and kilometres as best you can to make sure that the vehicle is priced right. As part of your used car inspection, it is also a good idea to check on Google for any common faults in the vehicle and visually check these out yourself, as well as asking the seller about them.
  1. Independent inspections: It’s always best to have any pre purchase inspection in Brisbane performed by a qualified mechanic, even if the vehicle has a Safety Certificate. These certificates only make sure that the vehicle complies with certain safety standards, which isn’t enough to tell you whether the vehicle is really worth the money.

Finally, don’t become too emotionally attached to any vehicle, because the used car inspection might reveal that the car really is a lemon. To make sure that you buy the best car for your money, call us on 0422 156 277 and set up an appointment for a pre purchase inspection in Brisbane today.