What does a mobile auto electrician in Brisbane do?

Are you looking for a mobile auto electrician in Brisbane? Do you know the difference between someone who advertises themselves as a mobile mechanic in Brisbane or as a mobile auto electrician? Not many people understand the distinction between these two types of mechanics and if you pick the wrong one, it can cost you more money in the end.

Ideally you want a mechanic who wears both of these hats, particularly if you like to use a mobile mechanic in Brisbane for the added convenience of having your car serviced or repaired at home. Let’s take a look at both of these mechanics and you will see why Premium Mechanical Services is so popular in SE QLD.

What does a mobile mechanic in Brisbane do?

A mobile mechanic will perform all of your vehicle’s services and all of the repairs that do not involve the electrics. You might recall a time when you took your car to a mechanic’s shop for repairs and they told you that they could have the auto electrician to look at your car the following day?

This is because many auto shops don’t have an auto electrician on staff, so they have to call one in every time they need to fix the electrics on a vehicle and this can cost you more money. This means that when you call a mobile auto mechanic they may be able to fix all of your car’s problems, but not if they involve the electrics.

What does a mobile auto electrician in Brisbane do?

An auto electrician on the other hand, can fix your electrical problems, but they can’t perform services and many other types of mechanical repairs. So there may well be a situation where you call out a mobile auto electrician in Brisbane, but he can’t complete all of your repairs and you have to make a second call to a mobile auto mechanic.

As you can see, if you call someone who is both a regular auto mechanic and an auto electrician, then you have all of your bases covered, regardless of the problem with your vehicle. Making the right decision will save you money, so if you want someone who is both a mobile mechanic in Brisbane and an auto electrician, call us at Premium Mechanical Services on 0422 156 277 and we will be with you ASAP.