Flushing your brake fluid regularly can avoid expensive brake repairs

Brake repairs in Brisbane can be expensive, which is why regular servicing is essential. Brake fluid services are also important, but they are one of the least considered services in a car. Most people don’t give a second thought to changing their brake fluid, but old brake fluid can seriously affect your vehicle’s braking performance and put yourself and others at risk.

A brake fluid flush is similar to an engine oil change and as a leading mobile brake mechanic in Brisbane, Premium Mechanical Services only use top quality Brake fluid, which removes the old brake fluid and replaces it with clean, fresh, new fluid.

Why does your brake fluid need to be flushed?

When you depress your brake pedal, the brake fluid transfers the pressure exerted by your foot to the actual brakes of your vehicle. As you can imagine, brake fluid doesn’t last forever and each manufacturer recommends a set service interval for flushing your brake fluid. This information is in your owner’s manual.

As an experienced Brisbane mobile brake mechanic, we know that over time, as your brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air, its effectiveness diminishes. On top of this, heat is generated when you use your brakes, which can cause the moisture laden brake fluid to boil, causing sudden and unexpected brake failure.

Do you know when your brake fluid was last flushed?

As the leading mobile brake mechanic in Brisbane, we recommend changing your brake fluid approximately every 2 years, irrespective of the kilometres travelled or as set out by the manufacturer. There is no point in flushing your brake system more frequently, because you simply spend more money and don’t receive any real benefit.

It is important to keep a record of when your last brake fluid was flushed and changed and also to make sure that this is performed by a trained person, as any mistakes can result in drivability and safety issues. At Premium Mechanicals we keep a record of when your brake fluid was last changed and we can remind you when it is due, during your next car service.

Don’t forget that a quick, inexpensive brake fluid flush can keep your brakes in shape. For all of your mobile brake repairs in Brisbane, call Dean on 0422 156 277.