Need VW services in Brisbane? Keep your car running smoothly without voiding your warranty!

If you own a VW then you have most probably noticed the latest promotions offering a capped price for a Volkswagen car service at VW dealerships. At first glance, this seems like an awesome offer, but as we all know prices increase every year and VW only state the maximum price you will pay for a service in that calendar year (for your first six standard scheduled services).

Dealerships offering a VW service in Brisbane won’t tell you that their prices might be higher than anyone else’s, or that their yearly price increases might also be greater. They simply state the maximum price you will pay during that calendar year. So who knows if this really is such a great deal after all?

Something that a VW dealership can’t offer you is the convenience of a mobile mechanic, who can come to your home or business, saving you an enormous amount of time and stress.

We can perform log book VW services in Brisbane at your convenience

If you have a new VW, you don’t need to worry about voiding your warranty if your Volkswagen car service is not performed by the dealership. Queensland law makes it perfectly fine for mobile mechanics to service your new car, as long as we use genuine parts or their equivalents.

You can’t go wrong with the convenience of having a mechanic come to your home or even your place of business and perform your Volkswagen car service right then and there. With a mobile mechanic there is no more worrying about arriving at work late, because you no longer have to drop the car off at the dealership on your way to work.

You also don’t have to worry about leaving work early to pick up your car before the dealership closes at 5.30pm anymore. With Premium Mechanical Services in Brisbane, VW services are one of many log book services we perform every day of the week, so your warranty is always 100% intact and your Volkswagen car service is completed with no stress and no worry.

Our prices are extremely competitive as well, so if you are in the market for a VW service in Brisbane, give us a call and we will be there ASAP.