The low down on a Volkswagen car service

As with all luxury cars, regular maintenance is important to keeping your car functioning at its best and a scheduled Volkswagen car service is one way to keep your VW in tip-top shape. Finding an experienced and reliable Volkswagen mobile mechanic in Brisbane is always a good idea, because if the worst does happen, you don’t have to worry about tracking down a good mechanic fast – you already have their number!

How often do you need to book a VW service?

In Brisbane, we find that the frequency of services really depends on the make and model of your car, but all things being equal, around every 15,000 km is ideal. If you drive a lot every day however, you might need a more tailored Volkswagen car service schedule, just because of all the additional wear and tear on your car.

What’s included in a VW service?

As a Volkswagen mobile mechanic, we can perform all of your logbook services, as well as major and minor services. Apart from a log book service (which are specified by the manufacturer), we can tailor your services to your needs, dependent on the age, kilometres and usage of your vehicle.

For example, during your VW service, we can change the engine oil and replace all of the filters, top up all of the fluids, inspect the cooling system, belts and hoses, brakes, lights and wipers. We can test the battery, perform a full safety inspection and take your vehicle for a road test.

If we come across any problems during your Volkswagen car service, we will itemise these for you, along with their costs, and discuss the best way to fix the problem with you. Regular safety inspections and services are an important part of owning a car and help to keep everyone safe on the roads, including your family.

Time to book your next service?

If your car hasn’t been inspected or serviced for a while and is overdue for some TLC, why not contact your local Volkswagen mobile mechanic in Brisbane and book a mobile service today?