Three reasons why you need to call your mobile brake mechanic in Brisbane

Do you use a mobile brake mechanic in Brisbane? At Premium Mechanical Services, we offer affordable mobile brake repairs for all our Brisbane customers, which means that we come to your home or place of work to check, replace or repair your brakes.

Organising mobile brake repairs is so much more convenient than struggling to make appointments at an auto service centre in Brisbane – on your way to work and then again on your way home. We perform all sorts of repairs and services, but if you haven’t had your brakes checked lately, here are three very good reasons why you can’t ignore them for too long.

  1. Accidents do happen: Did you know that more Australians have been killed in car accidents than in the First and Second World Wars and the Vietnam War combined? The latest statistics for 2017 show that there were 1225 deaths on our roads directly related to car accidents. Whilst we don’t know how many of these accidents were due to failed brakes, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. So whilst you might be the perfect driver, if your brakes are worn or underperforming, you could become one of these statistics. This is why you need to keep on top of your brake repairs in Brisbane, checking them regularly and fixing them when necessary.
  2. Pedestrians die on our roads: With pedestrian deaths accounting for 14% of all road deaths in Australia, even though most of these fatalities are due to pedestrians being distracted by their mobile phones, if your brakes are sluggish, this is an accident waiting to happen. No-one wants a pedestrian to walk out in front of their car, but it does happen and worn brakes will turn a bad situation into a seriously tragic event.
  3. Brake repairs can be expensive: If you leave it too long and your brake pads are nearly worn right through, the rotors can be affected and need to be replaced as well. This will dramatically increase the cost of your brake repairs, regardless of whether you book into a service centre or call your mobile brake mechanic in Brisbane.

What all of this comes down to is that everyone needs to pay more attention to their brakes, having them checked regularly and always as soon as they start to feel sluggish. If for no other reason than your hip pocket, ignoring your brakes will hit you hard, one way or another.

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