Tips on getting the most out of your car battery

If you are looking for a good mechanic in Brisbane, then one of your best strategies is to investigate mobile car servicing. In Brisbane, we perform both log-book and non-log book services at your home or workplace for a wide range of vehicles and we always like to give our customers a few tips on how to keep their vehicles running efficiently in between services.

One of the best tips we share with our customers is how to extend the life of their battery and the red flags that indicate that something might be wrong. So if you don’t know much about your battery, here are our top tips to keep your battery humming in between car servicing in Brisbane.

  1. Battery testing: All you need to do is to buy a battery tester from one of the auto shops and you can keep an eye on your battery. Of course, any good mechanic in Brisbane will test your battery during your mobile car servicing, however some people like to do this themselves.
  2. Battery life: If your battery is more than 3 years old, then you are on borrowed time! Most batteries last for 2 to 3 years, but you might get 4 years out of a good battery. Don’t be too startled when you have a flat battery if it’s 5 years old!
  3. Driving style: If you generally drive around town with lots of stops and starts over short distances, the life of your battery will be shortened. The longer the trips and the fewer stops you make, the longer the life of your battery. This means that how you use your car makes a big difference to the life of your battery. During your mobile car servicing in Brisbane, we can replace your battery – if it’s pretty close to the end of its life.
  4. Battery leaks: Can see corrosion or a build-up of staining on your battery? It’s likely that your battery is leaking and you can clean it with a mix of baking soda and water. You really should replace the battery however, because a leaking battery is not a healthy battery.
  5. Replacing batteries: Not sure what battery your car really needs? Some batteries are better than others for certain cars. During your scheduled car servicing in Brisbane, we can help you decide on the best battery for your vehicle, so that you know which one to choose when your battery needs to be replaced.

If you want a good mechanic in Brisbane, why not book a mobile service today?