What is a hybrid vehicle?

As a mobile auto electrician in Brisbane, we are starting to see more and more hybrid vehicles, so we thought we would give you a quick overview of these cars. In short, a hybrid vehicle has both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, giving you the best of both worlds.

You can either use the regular engine or the electric engine to power your car or use the electric engine to assist the regular engine. If you have any problems with the electric engine, never try to sort it out yourself, always call a mobile auto electrician in Brisbane who is qualified to investigate any problems safely.

What are the benefits of a hybrid vehicle?

The main benefit of a hybrid vehicle is that it typically uses less fuel than normal engines for a variety of reasons. An electric engine captures the energy that is normally wasted during braking and deceleration, stores this energy in special batteries and reuses it to assist the regular engine or to exclusively power the vehicle. Another great benefit is that the regular engine doesn’t need to be as big as in non-hybrid cars, so you are saving on fuel here as well.

You can call your local mobile auto electrician in Brisbane to service and repair these cars, just as you would for a regular car.

What types of hybrids are available?

There are three different types of hybrids on the market. The first always uses the combustion engine with the electric engine providing assistance and storing energy as outlined above. The second type of hybrid vehicle creates and stores energy as above, but it can actually be driven using the electric motor alone, although it doesn’t go very fast or for very long distances on electric alone.

The third type of hybrid can be plugged into the mains power to be recharged and operates in a similar way as those already mentioned. The benefit of these vehicles is that you can keep the electric battery topped up using mains power without relying on the vehicle to be moving.

At the moment, hybrids are best used for short trips, particularly in heavy traffic where the constant stopping and starting helps to power the electric batteries.

For professional repairs and services of hybrid vehicles, call your local mobile auto electrician in Brisbane on 0422 156 277 or send us an email.