What to expect with a mobile car service in Brisbane

Have you thought about booking a mobile car service in Brisbane? Want to know what’s involved? Well mobile servicing is just like any other car servicing in Brisbane, the only difference is that instead of driving your car to an auto service centre, we come to your home or workplace.

It makes such a difference when you don’t have to worry about taking the kids to school and getting to work on time, all the while stressing out about taking the car to the service centre in Brisbane. Mobile car servicing was designed for people who want a stress-free life, but still want the best care for their vehicles.

If you haven’t ever booked a mobile car service in Brisbane, here is a brief overview of what to expect. First of all, we have everything we need to perform your services in our truck and we take all the rubbish away and clean up before we leave. Having said that, we offer both minor and major services for just about any type of car.

Your log book should tell you when you need the next service and whether it is a minor or major service, but if you’re not sure, we can sort that out for you when you make your booking.

Minor car servicing in Brisbane

A minor service involves changing the oil and oil filter. Then we check everything else and if any other fluids are low, we top them up for you. This includes checking the brakes and brake fluid, air and fuel filters, steering and suspension, radiator and cooling system, air-conditioning, transmission, exhaust, lights, tyres, belts and hoses, windscreen wipers and the battery.

If we find anything that needs an immediate repair or will need attention in the near future we will let you know and discuss time frames and costs with you.

Major car servicing in Brisbane

A major service includes everything in a minor service, but also includes a comprehensive safety inspection, replacing the spark plugs, timing belt, lubricating door hinges, locks and latches, and anything else indicated in your logbook for a major service.

Why not take advantage of a mobile car service in Brisbane and book a mobile service with us today?