Car servicing in Brisbane: Are you getting what you paid for?

Car servicing in Brisbane and throughout Australia, is an essential part of owning a car, but how can you tell that you are getting what you paid for? After all, when you drop your car off at an auto centre, they could just sit on their hands all day and charge you for doing nothing!

Car services cost you money, so if you have booked in for a Volkswagen car service for example, you want to make sure that the work has actually been completed on your vehicle. The best way to do this is to change over to mobile car servicing in Brisbane, because we can come to your home (or place of work) and you can actually see us working on your car.

Other ways to ensure that your service has been completed are as follows:

  • Ask the mechanic: When the work has been completed, ask the mechanic to talk through exactly what they have done to your vehicle. Car servicing isn’t rocket science, so a mechanic should have no problems telling you exactly what they have done. The issue is that when you book into an auto car centre in Brisbane, you quite often don’t get to speak to the mechanic, but to a receptionist, so it pays to ask to speak directly to the mechanic. With our mobile car servicing in Brisbane, we always talk you through exactly what we have performed on your car.
  • Talk through the invoice: Check through the invoice and ask the mechanic to show you what has been done. It is important that you make sure that everything on the invoice has been completed, and when you book in with our mobile car servicing in Brisbane, we always give you an itemised invoice and talk you through it.
  • Ask to see the parts: If during your Volkswagen car service for example, parts have been replaced, ask to see the old parts that have been removed and the new parts in place. Obviously, it is not always possible to see the new parts in-situ, but if you don’t ask, you have no chance!

For professional mobile car servicing in Brisbane, call Premium Mechanical Services on 0422 156 277 to book in at your convenience or simply book a mobile service here.